My Journey Begins


             Let me introduce myself, I am a born and raised ranch girl, and I continue to live this lifestyle beside the love of my life. I am a university student, photographer, and a DIY enthusiast. This blog was influenced by an assignment I was given in university. The “Personal Development Plan” is designed to facilitate ongoing learning, personal goal setting, and creating an action plan towards a goal that will enhance your well being. I would like to enhance my physical, mental, and spiritual health. When I was in high school, I was one of the athletes, volleyball in the fall, track and field in the spring, hockey in the winter, and rodeo in the spring, summer, and fall. I was always active practicing each sport at least twice a week. I was the type that didn’t just participate I was a leader in all areas of my programs. Making it to provincials in track and field, becoming a provincial champion in hockey several times, and competing on a national level in rodeo. I could eat whatever, and whenever because I was active all of the time. Suddenly, I graduated high school and all of it disappeared, college rodeo wasn’t exactly a “workout” I continued with my “eat whatever I want” attitude. The results were quite obvious, and they stayed until now. I am gasping for air when I get to the third floor of the education building, and attempted rec hockey, but was so disappointed with my stamina I quit. This is not who I am, I am an athlete with skills, and this project is going to help begin to renew the stamina I once had. To work toward my long-term goal of regaining my physical ability and stamina I will start by creating the habit of being physically active at least 5 days a week for 30 min. According to the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (2015) suggests this is the recommended amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity for those 18-64.

            As a university student bouncing between levels, ranch life and city life. Leaving to the city every Monday with the struggle of leaving the home, and people I love. Getting to the city to accomplish my dream of becoming an elementary teacher. University it’s self is a hard road to travel, I feel constant anxiety, stress, and worry about what is to come. These emotions are mixed with the joy of being in the classroom, and planning new and awesome lessons for students. A roller coaster of emotions is a great way to describe my life. This is not the kind of life I want to have, within me there is a desire to be positive about what is going on in my life no matter where I am or what kind of day I have. Through this project I want to enhance my mental and spiritual health to find strength and positivity in my life. To accomplish this desire I will complete one or more of these things on the list below and include it in my daily blog post. I will only be posting Monday – Friday faithfully my weekends are for family, friends, and homework. 

5 Ways I Can find Positivity and Happiness in my Life.

  1.  Spend time with a balcony person in your life.
    • A balcony person is someone who lifts me up, encourages me to accomplish great things, and be the best version of myself that I can be.
  2. Get Creative.
    • I am so passionate about being creative and designing things. I will do a project, take pictures, decorate a part of our home, make a craft, or sew something. Being creative relaxes me and I feel accomplished when I make something new.
  3. Find a bible verse that enhances your day, or motivates you to be positive.
    • God is a huge part of my life and when I am having a rough or great day I can always find a verse that reminds me to be thankful.
  4. Relax.
    • Making time for myself is important in my busy life. Take time to read a book, stretch my muscles, have a bubble bath, drink some tea, or just spend quiet time with loved ones.
  5. Find the good.
    • Sometimes things happen in life that are not always pleasant. I believe that finding the good in all situations is important, even when it seems there is no good.

I am very excited about this journey I am on my third consecutive week being physically active and making healthy choices the results I am seeing, amaze me. I am so excited to begin this assignment faithfully. The assignment will cover a 12 week span and I will record a daily progress report 5 days a week on this blog. At the end of the 12 weeks I will create a post that sums up what worked, what didn’t, how I this assignment effected me as a professional, and as an individual. Though the assignment will be over in 12 weeks this action plan is designed to be a lifelong journey. I plan on keeping this blog for as long as I can and using it to keep myself accountable to the action plan. Thank you for following on this journey.


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