Trial Week Two – Wednesday

Surprise yourself.

I most definitely accomplished that today. I have been suffering from shin splints from all of the jumping cardio in my 30 day shred workouts so I had to switch to the upright bike. Today I accomplished 13  Kilometers in 35 min!! It was so awesome and rewarding! I did intervals by watching the virtual track and going 3 laps @ 80 RPM Level 5 to 2 laps @ 90 RPM Level 8. This was no easy workout but, I stayed motivated and pushed through!

In the middle of my workout something amazing happened, a friend from a completely different class came up to me, I hadn’t spoke to this girl in over a year. She told me that she loved reading my blog, and that it was so motivating. She said I was brave for posting videos and all of this for the public to see. WOW! I was just so flattered by her kind words it pushed me harder in my workout. This is just a great reminder of how important it is to affirm others and let them know that they inspire you.

“Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody.” – Unkown



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