Week Three – Wednesday 

Choose to spend time with people who motivate you. 

In my life I have chosen to surround myself with a specific type of person. These special people are called balcony people. I choose to spend time with them because they raise me up and cheer me on especially on journeys like this. Below I have shared a quote that describes balcony people as well as basement people. I would like to encourage you all to think about who you choose to surround yourself with are they the balcony type or the basement type. Next I want you to think of yourself, what kind of person are you? How do you treat others?

Some people are in the “balconies” of our lives, cheering us on, encouraging and energizing us with their warm affirmations. Others live down in our “basements,” coldly tearing away at our souls with their unfair and critical judgements. – Joyce Landorf Heatherley

I would like to think that I choose to be a balcony person in others lives but, I am not perfect I often find myself making judgments or condemning others for their choices. Is this who I want to be? No. 

 One month ago I sat down with a life long friend confiding in her my thoughts on my health. She stood strong beside me, listened, encouraged, and shared her own wishes. We decided that day we were going to make a change. So the journey began. Not easy or perfect, but we chose to start. Today she texted me looking for a workout buddy and though i had completed mine for the day I agreed to come over and participate. This is what you do when you want to see the people in your life succeed! When I walked through the door she immediately congratulated me on my progress and told me how proud she was of me. Wow. There you go two balcony people affirming, and cheering each other on! I am so thankful for balcony people and their gifts. I am so thankful to have friends that want to see you win, succeed, and find happiness! Lastly, I am so thankful that I can cheer friends on and encourage them on their own journeys. Today was such a great mental health boost!

As far as eating and working out went I killed it! Yesterday’s tips and research made up for today and I beat my late night snacking urge. My workout was so rewarding I completed my 14.5 km in 35 minutes on the bike and pushed through with strength and determination. 

Have a blessed and awesome day! Make sure to take time to send a shout out to one of your balcony people today!



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