Week Three – Thursday

Who are you aside from what is consuming your life right now?

Okay, there has been something on my heart for a long time. Feedback from others can make or break you if you let it. Up until now I have been carrying all of the hurtful feedback I have received in my life and put it on like a coat. Let me tell you, that under all of these coats there is a very small exhausted human. Those coats way you down and even worse, they have voices. These voices repeating that feedback over and over. Yes, I have just sounded a bit crazy there, but I am ready for something big. Recently I read an article from Dylan Wiliam called Feedback a Part of a System there was a section of this article really hit home for me and my pile of coats. 
“Students often adopt a performance orientation because of their views of the nature of ability. As the work of Carol Dweck (2006) has shown, many students believe that academic ability is more or less fixed—that there are smart kids and not­so­smart kids. When students with this view of learning are given a task in the classroom, they rapidly make a judgment about their chances of success. If they think there is a danger that they’ll fail while many others in the class succeed, they are likely to disengage from the task. After all, it’s better to be thought lazy than dumb. Students with an incremental view of ability, on the other hand, see challenging tasks as opportunities to get smarter. (p. 33)”
From a young age I wore those coats and one of them was “the notsosmart kid” was my performance in school great, absolutely not. Did I believe that even if I applied myself, I would fail, yes, so did I apply myself, no. Though I have grown the coat has stayed and it has continued to affect my effort and progress. That is a pretty small coat. It feels as though I have been suffocating wearing it around for so long. It’s time to take these coats off and let myself breathe easy, find happiness, and be the best person I can be.
So, going forward I am making the choice to remove these coats. This is not one of those choices where just say “There, that’s better, they are gone!” not many of things in life are that simple. Something I can do to begin to take them off is compile some verses to help me be reminded of who I am under the coats, the person God says I am. God says these things about you too, they are not just directed to one person His words touch the entire earth. 
Believe it or not I am a person, aside from university, work, and my stressors. I have great qualities, things that make me amazing. I am a creative and caring being, I am a teacher, I am a photographer, I am friend, I am a daughter, I am a girlfriend, I am a sister, I am a role model, I am a lover of beautiful landscapes, I am a home decor and DIY enthusiast, I can make people laugh and feel better, I am a smile and a hug giver. The bottom line here is we all have qualities that makes us wonderful and amazing! Who are you? What are your coats saying to you?
Sometimes in life we make mistakes, things happen, we fail, and we fall down. What or who picks you up? 
Get up and show the world who you are, show them your awesome!


Workout Report!

In my pic collage you can see my workout summary from the bike! Cant believe I have been actually keeping up with my workouts! It feels phenomenal and the results are so, so rewarding!!

Here is my Coat List I will refer to this when I am feeling a coat trying to consume me



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