Week Three – Friday & Weekend

If I am being honest my weekend wasn’t an image of physical health, and neither was my friday I completely skipeed my 5th workout…  Disapointing yes, this is a struggle I will be faced with every Friday as I am home for the weekend on Thursday nights. Knowing this will be a struggle I have researched some methods to make my work out happen! Jenny Sugar at has created a list called “20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Everyday” some of the options would work great for my Fridays, others not so much. I have adapted this list and created my own to use to make sure my workout happens. Below I have listed the link for the list, and added my own list.

In areas of mental health I was overflowing.  I spent Friday & Saturday with my family at home, I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life! The are iny my balcony cheering me on and helping me on my journey 100%. I had some awesome visits with my mom who happens to be a wealth of infinate knowledge. She has influenced me to live a full life, and taught me that making informed choices is so important!



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