Week Four – Wednesday

How are you finding the good, and rejoicing in every day?

My day today started off a bit rough, I wasn’t feeling the best, and honestly had a pretty horrible attitude to match.

Was this a part of my goal, no. It was bizarre how clearly I could think, okay, is this how I want my day to go? Did I want to choose to parade around in negativity, absolutely not. I CHOSE to change my attitude. Since beginning this project I have been so aware of the choices I have. Truth is, we all have these choices! Once I started taking control of my happiness the choices have been much clearer, and 100% easier to choose. The fact of the matter is I feel better. As I just relax, and drink my tea I can reflect on how I want tomorrow to be. I can choose to wake up with a desire to make it great, and with a purpose to be in charge of my day and reactions. All in all, you have a choice.

Workout Report!

I am still at it my friends! Can’t believe it, but I’m still doing it! Today, I rode the recumbent and it was great! I rode it for 30 min and went over 10km. I don’t have a good workout report because, when I went to get my distance report I hit the wrong button and cleared the screen.. I died a little inside. It was a great workout and I really pushed myself through the resistance. I have slowly been making my tough intervals longer and the easier intervals shorter. I am amazed at the ability I am working up! You can do it, and so can I! It’s still all about choices!

Post workout reaction to clearing the screen.. It was rough.. 


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