Week Four – Thursday

Be Determined – to – Do what it takes – to – Have what you want


Mental Health

I haven’t quite got to this piece yet but, I am going to grab a nice peppermint tea after class and reflect on my day while I’m driving home! Can’t wait t be home! 🙂

Workout Report

3 week diferenece (The top report is from January 20th tthe report below is from today)

It has been so rewarding to save these reports and compare them to see progress. 

The workout above is 13.2km in 34:36 minutes  and below is  14.01 km in 33:34 minutes. In 15 days I was able to go .98km farther and shaved off 01:02 minutes.


  • .98 km farther
  • 1:02 minutes faster
  • Added 6 RPM’s to my average
  • Added 6 RPM’s to my myy max
  • Upped my avg. heart rate 66 beats
  • Burnt 36 more calories

Not only can I see the progress on the report but, I can really feel mmy stamina building which is apart of my assignment goal! Hellelujah for results!


Friday Prep!

So, here is a new place where I will begin adding my Friday prep to make my workout happen!

Refer to the “Make it Happen” list below. This list is something I created from some research. Some of these options were adapted from this POPSUGAR list. Using their list I created something that would apply to me, and my rural life.

I am not at home yet but, I can do some of the things on my list now.

1. Plan my workout before Friday!

So, shin splints apparently are still a thing… This makes home cardio really hard. I rock cardio all week so Fridays I’m going to throw some weights in there, and do some squats! Here is my workout, plan brought to you by Pinterest.

I may have just struck GOLD, the link below takes you to an amazing website! It not only gives you the workout but, a warm up routine, timer, awesome YouTube playlist that goes with the workout, and crazy motivation! This may be my Friday regular!

Click on Me for a Lower Body Workout

3. Tell my loved ones that I am busy between 6&7 AM

  1. I told Ross that I need to make sure I do my workout, and that it would awesome if he could help me hold myself accountable. He is really encouraging, and usually on board for my wild plans. So if I don’t do my workout I not only have let myself down I will have let him down as well. Commitments people. Done.

4. Put a motivating message on my alarm for Fridays!

“Keep Pushing! Rise & Shine! Go get active!’

Fight Song, how could you get more motivated.

Set for every Friday @ 6:00 AM






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