Week Five – Monday

Mondays can be tough but, not this week! Reading week starts in Thursday! There is a frightening amount of assignments due after, and I am making a goal to have over half of it done before Thursday! This is a goal that will be tough for this procrastinator but, if I made the choice to start this journey doing homework should be minuscule. When I go home I have a really hard time avoiding snacking and skipping workouts. To prepare myself for the break I have created a Pinterest board where I can pin things to help me stay on track! 

Today’s workout started with reluctance and I still struggled in between but, I finished. In fact once it was over I was disappointed in the time I wasted not giving it my all. I continued with my usual bike workout 14km in 35 min. I am really listening to my body lately and I feel it’s time to kick it up a notch! Tomorrow I will be throughibg in some weights and stretching my workouts a little longer 🙂 Still can’t believe that I’m doing this but, it feels great!

Tonight was a good time for me to reflect on my day, and see the good about being here in the city. Three positives to being here: the gym, I am getting an education, and I have some awesome friends here in this city! 
Brooke 🙂


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