About Me

 Hey Everyone,

 My name is Brooke Stewart, I was born and raised in southern Saskatchewan and that is where I have chosen to stay. I live on a ranch with the love of my life, where we raise cattle and horses. I am a third year Elementary Education student at the University of Regina, my desire is to become an elementary teacher in our rural area. Aside from going to school, I have a small photography business specializing in family, graduation, infant, and engagement portraits. Teaching, and photography are not my only passions, I love to craft, I enjoy home renovations, and spending time with family, and friends. Recently I have had a desire to become more conscious about monitoring my physical and mental health this blog will help me keep track of my progress. I love to encourage and inspire others to be their best self and find the beauty this world has to offer. I enjoy sharing recipes, workouts, and inspirational quotes, versus and tips with others and this is a place for it.

If you are wondering the specifics about this blog please refer to my very first blog post. 

Have an exceptionally great day!

– The Hidden Wildflower