Week Three – Friday & Weekend

If I am being honest my weekend wasn’t an image of physical health, and neither was my friday I completely skipeed my 5th workout…  Disapointing yes, this is a struggle I will be faced with every Friday as I am home for the weekend on Thursday nights. Knowing this will be a struggle I have researched some methods to make my work out happen! Jenny Sugar at has created a list called “20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Everyday” some of the options would work great for my Fridays, others not so much. I have adapted this list and created my own to use to make sure my workout happens. Below I have listed the link for the list, and added my own list.

In areas of mental health I was overflowing.  I spent Friday & Saturday with my family at home, I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life! The are iny my balcony cheering me on and helping me on my journey 100%. I had some awesome visits with my mom who happens to be a wealth of infinate knowledge. She has influenced me to live a full life, and taught me that making informed choices is so important!



Trial Week Two – Tuesday

The Physical

The past few days I have had shin splints terribly bad, after doing some research I discovered it take 5-6 weeks for them to heal.. Time for some improvising!

Determined to be active today I changed my usual at home workout, and went to the gym. The gym is not my favourite place so this was a stretch for me but, I went with a plan, and with purpose!

I chose to do my cardio on the upright bike, as I got warmed up I made sure that there was no stress on my shins. To my delight my shins felt fine and I could complete my workout. 30 minutes later and a total of 10 km my workout was finished! Wow, did it feel good!

The Mental

Today was such an amazing day. The best part was that workout, it fuelled the rest of my day. It feels both rewarding and fantastic to be on this journey. Not only does my body feel refreshed but I am walking in cloud 9. I have this bizarre happiness that I only feel when something amazing is happening. I have this ridiculous joy inside me. I realize not everyday will feel this amazing but I am taking full advantage of today!

Thanks for all the encouragement!


Trial Week Two – Monday

Hey guys after a great weekend I am back to the real world! Back to the city living my other life manless, and dogless. 1.5 years left in the city until I get to spend every day on the ranch with my loves! After this weekend I have re-evaluated my plan and I am making a few changes! Saturday’s I will be doing my usual workouts, but Sunday is my day of rest. I won’t be posting on Sunday because I want to spend that time with family and friends.

With that being said I will post today’s first choice! I am back at the 30 day shred! Definitely feeling progress and some pain! Fighting shin splints! So, tomorrow will be different I will be going to the gym to bike and take some pressure off my shins!


Feeling good!!

Lots of Love ❤️