Week Three – Monday

Mondays are for meal prep & challenges.

Today it was back to the city for me. Though Mondays are tough on me, I chose to see the good, I can get back in my fitness routine and hop on the upright bike. I always like a challenge and today when I approached my workout I wanted to see progress. I was determined to break my 13 km in 35 minutes regular of last week. I was not going to be upset if it didn’t happen as I want to embrace what my body can handle, but I was sure going to try and beat myself. I stuck to my usual interval 3 laps @ +80 RPM Level 5 – 2 laps @ +90 RPM Level 8 but I knew if I was going to beat my record I would have to really push into the upper 80’s & 90’s. There I was huffing and puffing like I was on the Tour de’ France watching the clock, with about 10 minutes left remaining I threw my intervals out the window at times I did 5 high intensity laps rather than the usual two. Last Tuesday I didn’t think this would have been nearly possible without a heart attack. With 4 minutes left I could smile and see that I beat myself. Finishing at 14 km in 35 minutes!! What a great thing to see results on the scale but also results in my stamina! As the day continued on my excitement remained, I went grocery shopping & meal prepped for the week so I would not have the excuse to eat junk. Meal prepping is so important for me to stay on track with my nutrition. I measure portions according to the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Program, in the mid caloric range, using this as a guideline helps me refrain from over eating.

See the recipe for these awesome mashed sweet potatoes from Old House to New Home @




Trial Week One – Saturday

Wow. What more do we need for motivation. This quote is a real eye opener for me. When I first found it a couple weeks ago I really had to reflect on myself. Am I taking care of myself the best I can? How am I nourishing my body and health or was I? Truth is I have been in an in between battle of healthy, and unhealthy for the last 4 years. I do really well for a week or a few days and then fall off the wagon. This project is really holding me accountable for my actions. Its time to act on the hopes and dreams I have had prior to this journey. Its time to make changes and be the healthy individual I desire to be. I hope this quote helps you reflect on your own choices. Have a great evening everyone. What a great day to be alive and motivated.