Trial Week One – Saturday

Wow. What more do we need for motivation. This quote is a real eye opener for me. When I first found it a couple weeks ago I really had to reflect on myself. Am I taking care of myself the best I can? How am I nourishing my body and health or was I? Truth is I have been in an in between battle of healthy, and unhealthy for the last 4 years. I do really well for a week or a few days and then fall off the wagon. This project is really holding me accountable for my actions. Its time to act on the hopes and dreams I have had prior to this journey. Its time to make changes and be the healthy individual I desire to be. I hope this quote helps you reflect on your own choices. Have a great evening everyone. What a great day to be alive and motivated.


Trial Week One – Friday


Here we go! It was our family weigh in today, and I’m already seeing results! Though I’m not after pure weight loss it is a good feeling seeing that number go down. Woke up to an awesome breakfast of Bran cereal, added some fruit (1.5 purple), and added some honey for a little extra sweetness. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not weigh you down!


Being sweaty has never felt so good! Usually my experience of sweat is getting to the 3rd floor of the Ed Building at the UofR and having a mini heart attack when I get there… Looking forward to erasing that with this journey! Heres to a healthy and happy day!